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 In the Battle of Turion (PG-13)

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s o f t ♥ l u l l a b y

PostSubject: In the Battle of Turion (PG-13)   Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:20 pm

Long, long ago, there was a peaceful land, by the name of Turion. The Turianians' were a kind, serene people. They were not boastful, they were not jealous, they did not lie, they did not steal. Therefore, Turion was a heaven on Earth.

There was a princess in this land, and she was very beautiful. She had silky blonde hair, that flowed like a waterful, and blue eyes, similiar to the lakes in this land.

A peasant who caught glimpse of her on her balconey fell for her on first sight, but, of course, he was not fit for a princess; he was from rags, she from riches.

Still, the foolish boy approached her, offering one rose in return that she love him. The woman rejected him, for she knew that the king would not approve to a betrothal to such a poor man as himself.

Angered and pained by his unrequinted love, the peasant soon began studying magic, and ways he could make the princess pay for not accepting his feelings. He was soon the most powerful wizard in all of Turion, and he was corrupted by the magic and fury raging inside of him.

Now, many years later, the entire land is in danger of this powerful wizard, and it is stirring up disloyal rebels that have long awaited the peace to be interrupted.

In this harsh war, whose side are you on?


1.) No goddmodding - You will get two warnings, and on your third offense, you will be kicked out of the RP.

2.) No sex - If your character gets pregnant, huzzah, a baby! But, I do not want the process to be described. Nothing beyond PG-13.

3.) Keep the one liners to a minnimum - Please, descriptive posts.

4.) * out your cursing - I want all cursing *'d out. (ex. "b" = "b*tch")

5.) Send all applications to me, entitled "Unrequinted Love"

6.) Put in a queen just so I know you paid attention. (;

7.) Be curteous - Don't go beyond three pages without more then one RPer missing.

8.) Characters can kill eachother - But, I do not want graphic images, and, if they are someone else's character, you must have their permission before your character kills their's.

9.) Follow any other Forest rules - This is a no brainer, hun.

10.) Most importantly: Have fun! (;


Elves: A swift race. Natural. They are excellent hunters, but they do only semi-well in magic. They are incredible healers. The elves are usually peaceful, but, if coaxed into a fight, are better defending themselves then actually fighting.

Humans: The most common race. Natural. They do well in hunting, but cannot perform magic. They can easily be provoked, but are not violent until their enemy makes the first move.

Mages: An intelligent race. Natural. They excell in magic, but are the worst hunters. They have an extended knowledge of herbs and healing. They are clever and witty. They are very easily provoked, and will not hesitate to go into war.

Yomars (thank you, Snow ^^): A slim, flight race. Natural. Rare. They are great at both hunting and magic. If they become overweight, their wings will dissapear and they will become the most dominant population. They are usually shy and quiet, as the females are usually hunted for their beautiful feathers. Yomars are loyal all their lives, and if they make a promise to you, they are bound to keep it. Therefore, they are usually not good liars. They are usually nonviolent until provoked.

Reras (thank you, Chicadee ^^): Another flight race. Rare. Unatural. Magic is their strongest suit, and, although they are quick, their speed would be lowest, as their bulk does not effect their wings. Can change into the bird that they have the wings of, and are prone to having life flashes, where they will be willing to die over something stupid. Can't keep in their wings for too long, unless in bird state. Great at keeeping secrets and / or creating false truths. They can be very violent.

Fairies: A peaceful, winged race. Natural. Magic is their strongest ability, but, they are very peaceful, and do not enjoy hunting, as most are vegetarians. Their wings are extended at all times. If their wings are damaged, then this can be a fatal wound, because the fairies wings are extremely important to their system, as important as the brain or the heart. Horrible liars. Cannot hold a grudge, and are nonviolent for the most part.

Character forms:

Full name:





Do they side with the princess, wizard, or are they neutral?:

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PostSubject: Re: In the Battle of Turion (PG-13)   Thu Dec 30, 2010 2:21 pm

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This RP is approved by the Mod Squad!
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In the Battle of Turion (PG-13)
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