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 9/25/09 News

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PostSubject: 9/25/09 News   Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:12 pm

Not much is new, but we have a ton of new members. Welcome them all! Oh, and I have been having a bad problem with spamming. I had a bad case cleared from my running for mod topic. Spamming, for those who don't know, is posting non related posts in topics, like nonsense. If is a sticky, or anncouncement, spamming is merly posting stuff. If you run for mod or teke, just post your profile, and a simple thanks, but no more. Spamming is not listed in the rules yet, but if you are caught spamming, not only will your spam posts be erased, but you can lost you rank, like mod or teke, get deactivated, and even banned. I will get a FAQ up for spamming, and get it into the rules as soon as I can. But remember, if you spam, you could get banned!

My mod voice is cyan, like the color of pure water and something else super pretentious.

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9/25/09 News
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