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 Mythic Wars PG-13

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PostSubject: Mythic Wars PG-13   Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:27 pm

"Gather 'round everyone. C'mon, thats right.

Now, everyone knows the story of the castle, right? And the disappearance of the Lord and Lady? But I think you'll find that something isn't exactly in your grasp.

You see, there are some, unlike us, who don't have magic. Yes I know, its shocking.

But the Lord fell in love with one such person. She was kind and beautiful. Hair like spun snow, a stunning contrast to the King's night locks. You could almost call them the White Queen and the Dark King.

He didn't mean to be cruel, but at times the King got caught up in the workings of his kingdom and his frustration would build. He never meant to take it out of the Queen. But he did. She just couldn't take it after he went to far one fateful day. So the beloved Lady left.

The Lord just couldn't bear to be without her, and so he became very reclusive, hoping for his dear Queen's return. When it was clear that she was not coming back, he went to find her.

And he did. She was not willing to return but he forced her to, becoming horrible and cruel. She no longer loved the man she had married, and in a final plea, she leapt from the tower window where she had been kept as almost a prisoner.

The King's heart withered and died, a cold rock and a shallow grave for what it had once been. The thought that she had chosen death over him killed off any last sliver of kindness. We were forced into slavery.

Which brings us to where we are now. At war with him.

The dragons have split their forces, some with us, some with him. We wish to take back our freedom. The unicorns as well. Many creatures aligned with both sides, but he has overwhelming numbers.

It looks grim for us, everyone. But with your soul animal, maybe we can make it. He does not have the advantage of one thing. One thing that we do have. He does not know the bond between all of us. He can not remember what it is to want anything. He does not remember peace. There is no hope for him. Rise up!"

(( Author's note: So basically, to war, my friends!

In this RP, the humanoids are elves, so Drows, Light Elves, so on. Creatures of myth and fantasy. Unicorns, dragons, fifty eyed turtles. I don't know, be creative.))


1. If you wish to cuss, star it out. Ex, *ss. B*tch. You see where I'm going with this.
2. No sex described.
3. No Mary Sues, these are people, and mythical creatures, they have flaws.
4. No God-Modding. GR.
5. Send profiles to me titled "Dragons and War. Mmm." With cookies somewhere in the message.
6. If there is more than two people in this RP, no more than 2 pages with back to back RPing, unless the person is not online for more than a week. Then you may continue, after a week.

Soul Animals and the Bonded

Creatures of the Land



[size=24]Full Name[/size][/center]

[right]People call me [color=pick color]name[/color]
I am really [color=pick color]age[/color] years old
Some thing people don’t know is: [color=pick color]history[/color]
I am a [color=pick color] creature or elf? [/color][/right]
My magic is [color=pick color] What kind of magic do they possess?[/color]
[left]I act like: [color=pick color]personality[/color]
I am related to [color=pick color]family[/color]
My abilities are [color=pick color] magical? weapons? fighting? Elaborate.[/color][/left]
[right]I am bonded to[color=pick color] Are they bonded to someone or no one?.[/color]
I embrace [color=pick color] the good side, the bad side, or neither side.[color][/right]

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PostSubject: Re: Mythic Wars PG-13   Fri Jan 11, 2013 4:48 pm

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This RP is approved by the Mod Squad and Avenger.c:
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PostSubject: Re: Mythic Wars PG-13   Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:00 pm

Umbra swept through the forest, his herd tailing him like a wide river, moving swiftly away from the predator. Umbra was the protector, the oldest of his herd, so he led them. His tail trailed behind him like a black banner, a mark for his herd to follow. They were running away from the King's men, who wished to take them captive. He wished to use the strongest of them for his mines, the fastest for his men, and the ones with the strongest magic, he wished to take their horns. He did not care what happened to them, if they were a herd or not. He cared not for the foals, or for the elderly. So the herd ran. From his left, Umbra heard a shriek of a whinny, but he could not stop, or the rest of his herd would be lost as well. He continued on, his herd dwindling around him. But he galloped on, the shadow ending up alone. He was being chased by several of His soldiers, and was growing tired. His chances were becoming slimmer and his choices becoming fewer. Where could he turn? What could he do? He made his way to the maze of canyons he knew waited for him a mile or so ahead. He put on a burst of speed in hopes of reaching it, and as he made it in, he started through the tunnels, knowing the route. But to anything but a member of his herd, it would become a Labyrinth. He stopped in the middle section, waiting for a man to come through. He did not have to wait long before an elf charged in. Umbra dispatched him quickly, the shadows creeping from the walls to strangle the man. With the next soldier, the shadows whispered evil things to him, and drove him to impale himself upon one of the many spikes that made up the walls of the cavern. But the next one was a Light Elf. A strong one. He countered Umbra's attacks, and Umbra was forced to use his strength and fighting alone, with no magical help. The gory details will be left out, but Umbra finally staggered out the end of the maze before he collapsed on the ground, his body bruised and bloody from the large elf. But the elf was nowhere to be seen, what remained of him was dripping off Umbra's horn.

Sius stalked through the kingdom, her hood up to hide her fair hair and her face. People knew her without ever seeing her features, which was how she preferred it to be. She made her way to the dragon pens, where Proditio was watching a fight intently. He turned his head at her entrance and she turned and exited, with the large dragon following. When she reached outside, she leapt into the air, high enough to clear Proditio's head, and landed smoothly on his back as they took off into the stormy sky.
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PostSubject: Re: Mythic Wars PG-13   Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:09 pm

It was a mess of white and red and green. Maybe a few stars. Wind pounded against the rider's sides as her horse raced on, thundering at a speed no normal horse could match.

But the world is not normal, and there came the need to be running.

Nimble fingers were intertwined with the mare's mane as the rider clung desperately for a hold, having only really trained riding with at least a rope for guiding. But in the dark of the night, there was no time for saddling up a horse. And when there are King's men chasing you, the thought doesn't occur. Nor does your horse turn back to try and help your fellow soldiers.

Fiddling for her sword, the rider pulled her short, foot soldier's board sword from its sheath. It was hardly anything against a might of these riders behind her, but she knew putting up a fight was always better than simply running.

With a harsh jerk, the rider forced her horse to stop. The mare tossed her head, snorting in frustration at the action. There were a few murmurs from a few of the King's men's own foot soldiers. Many were in foreign tongues to the rider, but she understood the words they were saying. "Red Devil," "Wild Spirit," "White-Maned Demon." All referring to the rider's mount, and not the green clad rider.

The horse snorted with pride at the comments, glancing up at her rider. The rider made a motion for the horse to wait, which the mare detested.

One of the taller soldiers spoke, "This is the creature who cannot be tamed. The wild soul, Epona. Who rides her?"

"Link," was all the rider said, before her sword broke the tall soldier's gorgeous face, and rendered his chest ajar. As the tall soldier fell from his saddle, Epona was racing into the rocky twists of a canyon, in search of higher ground for her rider to fight on.

My mod voice is cyan, like the color of pure water and something else super pretentious.

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PostSubject: Re: Mythic Wars PG-13   Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:06 pm

Lily pressed her back up against a tree in the forest and slid down it until her butt hit the ground. Nature. It was all beautiful to her. Every moment she ventured in the forest the more she believed she could get lost forever here and be happy. Looking up she admired how she had managed to sit up against an apple tree. It was just her luck because apples had to be her favorite food. Lily lifted her right hand in the air and a dim light glowed from her palm. Shortly after a perfectly round apple landed in her hand and she hugged it "Thank you Tree for sharing with me your fruit. I am grateful." After a short thanks she bit into the apple, mesmerized by how delicious it was. The juices of the apple made her mouth water as she chewed.

Shortly after Lily had taken a bite out of her apple, Nyx walked up beside Lily with a rabbit in her jaws. Lily may not be able to eat meat but it was all Nyx could eat. Neither her leopard nor wolf side desired any green foods. Before Lily could protest about the rabbit she cut her off "I said my thanks." Nyx tore into the rabbit, eating it for survival. She knew she and Lily would probably be traveling again soon and she enjoyed the rest off of her paws.
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PostSubject: Re: Mythic Wars PG-13   

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Mythic Wars PG-13
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