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 The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)

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PostSubject: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:41 pm

The Time Circle

Garnok’s troops have surrounded Jorvik. Never have times been more urgent than down. The druids have separated, leaving to guard towns of the impending attacks. Lead by Aideen’s Incarnate, the Soul Riders have left in secret, on a mission that no one knows. The calm before the storm continues, though only the Keepers know about the looming danger.
Enraged by the druids’ silence, a novice Keeper has escaped from the circles with an ancient tome. The book contains the secrets of the past, but not as one would expect. Within this magic journal is a spell that can send those brave enough back to another time. It was this spell the novice hoped would help find the answers to keeping Garnok and his minions at bay.
But who is brave enough to step back in time?


- All terms for the Forest apply. Be sure to read them

- This RP is co-owned by echosound & Oktoberotta. Sends profiles to either of us for approval!

- So...sex...this is PG, so let’s not get to that part of any romances that might form. You’re welcome to go any which way you want, but let’s keep it kid friendly (Disney level adult jokes are ok!)

- This is set in the Star Stable Online universe, if you hadn’t guessed from the impending squid demon. Two-ish things though: We will not go into areas until they’re released (we have a storyline explanation for this) and actual NPCs cannot be played nor is the Aideen plot any of your characters. Only exception to this will be Jon Jarl, but the owners will play him for the sake of fairness

- Horses are still involved, so please try to keep horse information correct! If you need help with a term, feel free to ask.

- For the sake of time (and profile creation), you have one horse you can use per character. You can say you have more, but you have one horse for this quest

- Actual players and clubs can be used, but you can’t steal someone else’s character or club (i.e. We’re both club owners, so unless we add our clubs, you guys can’t join them. Don’t worry, we will!)

- No Mary Sues! We know, the player is invincible, but we’re better than that. Flaws are important!

- No one will get killed, but some people might get injured. Nothing graphic, but don’t be surprised if you get sick, break a bone, or get a little beat up

- Try to be historically accurate. We know, we’re working with a fictional time period, but try to be logical. Here’s help for finding character names: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

- If you’re going to go back in time, you need to at least get along with the novice druid

- Time travelers are rare. For the moment, you can only have one! Pick where you want to go back to wisely

- For the sake of making things simple here, Aideen is the supreme goddess. Whether or not the alien portion happened, we’ll gloss over and just say this is a time between Soul Riders, so the only tensions are between the inhabitants and not with the Dark Core folks

- Some factions will end up liking each other, and we may have to push these for historical accuracy, but we leave the rest to you!

- Also, we’re ignoring the Jorvik Warmblood video because it was inaccurate to the game and this history is better

- Have fun!

The Factions

The factions are a separate orders in the past that your character can become affiliated with. They each have their own cultures and rivalries, some of which may change. We’ll try to keep these up to date at things go on. Some factions may be added as time goes on.

The Settlers: Led by Jon Jarl, this band of Nordic soldier sails from the Crusade focused Europe north towards uncharted waters. Here, they find a unique country unlike anything they’ve seen before. Though not the new world they were expecting or like the rich East, this land is filled with something greater: Magic. With the Lord behind them, Jon Jarl and his crew plan to build a new kingdom here.
Allies: The Alchemists
Neutral: The First Order of the Druids, The Silfver Clan
Rivals: Pretty much everyone else
The Alchemists: A year after Jon Jarl crashed, the crew finished constructing another ship and sent word back for supplies and more troops. They had established a fort on a peninsula (What is now Fort Pinta, but for the sake of history, this called Fort Jor) and began to build a base. Some months after, a crew of adventurers, women, craftsmen, and others showed up. Among these others were the Alchemists, a secretive group who was interested in researching the high amounts of magic in the area. Was it possible that the secret to creating gold was here?
Allies: The Settlers
Neutral: Everyone else. I mean, they’re trying to make gold
Rivals: The First Order of Druids
The First Order of Druids: The Druids are an indigenous, religious cult praising the pagan goddess Aideen, though considering it is the predominant faith in the newly named Jorvik, calling them a cult is a little inaccurate. Despite the religious clashes, the Druids have been considerably open with correspondence with the settlers, even to the point of learning their language. The Druids however are still hesitant on revealing the magical history of the country.
Allies: Pretty much everyone else
Neutral: The Settlers
Rivals: The Alchemists
The Silfver Clan: The most powerful clan in the regions of Jorvik. Their influence controls most of the countryside, and they are the masters of the horse breeders. The first deal between the settlers and the Silfver Clan was to breed with the European warmbloods. The first yearlings have been broken, and the trade appears to be leading to a successful agreement between the two groups, though the Clan still has its hesitations. The current ruler of the Silfver Clan is Horsemaster Signe Silfver, wife of the late Conrad Silfver and his late sons. At the moment, there is no heir to this throne, and the tension has forced the Horsemaster to focus on her clan over the settlers.
Allies: Most everyone
Neutral: The Kallter, The Settlers
Rivals: The Fiskare Clan
The Fiskare Clan: While the Fiskare do have horses, they are a primarily fishing community. Their villages span as far as the northern reaches of Jorvik, though their capital is what is now Cape West Fishing Village. There they have a castle for their king in the mountains, which stands immovable in the mountain pass. They have long been planning to push their military on the Silfver Clan, and with the tensions in their enemy rising, the time to strike is nearing. Fritjok Fiskare is the current king.
Allies: The Kallter
Neutral: Most everyone else
Rivals: The Silfver Clan
The Kallter: A secluded tribe, the Kallter came from the far north on their special breed of Fjords. They claimed the Valley of the Hidden Dinosaur for themselves, since the land was too cold for most of the people in the rest of the region. They mostly keep to themselves, and trade is limited with their Outer Expedition members having only agreed to trade with the Fiskare Clan, a deal that is unsettling in the Silfver Clan. An uneasy peace continues between the two. The current leader is Ugalik.
Allies: The Fiskare Clan
Neutral: The Silfver Clan
Rivals: Everyone else
The Fjäll Clan: The Fjäll Clan have the most experience with outsiders, as they have dealt with traders on the eastern border before from Scandinavia. This is where the Druids were able to learn the Settlers language from. The Fjäll Clan is actually mostly bilingual, able to speak both the native tongue and the language of the Settlers. Still, they are a more secluded people, and prefer the mountains to trade. Their horse trade is limited, and they prefer breeding their mountain horses on their own in their mountain paddocks. At the moment, they reserve judgement on the Settlers. Roffe Fjällson is the current leader of the clan.
Allies: Everyone else
Neutral: The Fiskare Clan
Rivals: The Settlers
The Skörd Clan: The Skörd Clan inhabits the western island of the newly named Jorvik. The fertile landscape makes it easy to farm and a good breeding ground for livestock. The Skörd Clan have been very open to trade in the past, though the strong military of the Settlers has made them nervous. They are waiting on news from the Silfver Clan before they make any decisions about the Settlers. The current leader is Enok Skörd.
Allies: Everyone else
Neutral: The Fiskare Clan
Rivals: The Settlers


[size=24][center][b]FULL NAME[/b][/center][/size]
[center]NICKNAME (or what they are usually called by)[/center]

[b]Name(s):[/b] (Use this space to include any names the character might have formerly gone by as well as current names and nicknames.)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] {You don’t have to include this one. I don’t think romance will really be part of the RP, so this doesn’t really matter.}

[b]Short description:[/b] (This should be 1-2 sentences and essentially sum up your character.)
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]Hair color:[/b]
[b]Build:[/b] (Height, muscular/thin/stocky/etc.)
[b]Long description:[/b] (This should be more like a paragraph or two and go into length about their appearance. Basically, it’s a more in-depth description.)
[b]Outstanding features:[/b] (Does your character have anything that makes them stand out in a crowd? It’s perfectly fine to put “N/A”.)

[b]Short description:[/b] (Once again, just a 1-2 sentence summary.)
[b]Three positive traits:[/b]
[b]Three negative traits:[/b]
[b]Long description:[/b] (Yes, a paragraph or two.)
[b]History:[/b] (This should be a tad lengthy as well. How does their history affect their personality?)


[center]NICKNAME (or what they are usually called by)[/center]

[b]Name(s):[/b] (Use this space to include any names the character might have formerly gone by as well as current names and nicknames.)

[b]Short description:[/b] (This should be 1-2 sentences and essentially sum up your character.)
[b]Breed:[/b] (Make sure this is accurate with the description! Thoroughbreds cannot be pinto! Ponies cannot be 18 hands tall! Horse Channel’s “All Horse Breeds” page is excellent for checking.)
[b]Eye color:[/b]
[b]Coat color:[/b]
[b]Build:[/b] (Height should be in hands. Breed standards will tell you how tall a horse should be if you aren’t sure. A hand in four inches, by the way.)
[b]Long description:[/b] (This should be more like a paragraph or two and go into length about their appearance. Basically, it’s a more in-depth description.)
[b]Outstanding features:[/b] (Does your character have anything that makes them stand out in a crowd? It’s perfectly fine to put “N/A”.)

[b]Short description:[/b] (Once again, just a 1-2 sentence summary.)
[b]Long description:[/b] (Yes, a paragraph or two.)
[b]History:[/b] (This should be a tad lengthy as well. How does their history affect their personality?)



Example (names will only the listed in other cases):

Name(s): Friends call her Rivers, everyone else calls her Lily.
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: May 12, 1998
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Short description: Rivers looks like an average girl, nothing unusual. She’s slightly taller than most her age, and always tan from working in the sun.
Eye color: Light green
Hair color: Dark brown
Build: Around 5’9”, tall and more muscular than not.
Long description: Rivers has worked around horses almost all her life. As a result, you’ll often see her doing something like fixing fences or carrying hay, when she isn’t riding. She often wears jeans and flannel shirts, and although she’s often doing farm work she tries her best to keep her clothes clean. She takes great pride in looking nice.
Her dark brown hair is almost black, and she keeps it in braids or in a ponytail almost all the time. It makes her emerald green eyes stand out. Rivers can be a tad intimidating by her height, which is made even taller by her often-worn heeled riding boots. Although she doesn’t look outstandingly muscular, her strength is not to be doubted. (This is rubbish and I’m sorry, I don’t have the energy to make this sound great, especially since it’s just a random character.)
Outstanding features: N/A.

Short description: Quiet and polite, but much more open once she warms up to you.
Three positive traits: Friendly, courteous, diligent
Three negative traits: Shy, hesitant, push-over
Long description: Rivers is an incredibly kind young woman. She works hard and rarely complains; her diligence to her work has made her a great rider and well-liked by both the people and horses she works with. She has earned the respect of many by showing such respect.
Although she’s a hard worker, new situations can be a tad hard for Rivers. She is used to routine in her life, and thus becomes highly uncomfortable when something is unfamiliar. This makes her become shy around new people, and it takes a friendship for her to be open. Her shyness means she’s a bit of a push-over too. Around horses she knows she is in charge, but strangers and new situations are rough enough; standing up for herself is even harder then.
History: She grew up as a single child in Silverglade. She worked for various farmers in order to buy her own horse around thirteen. Her parents raised her to be polite and never judge a book by its cover, resulting in her friendly disposition. (This would be longer but I think this gets the point across.)

Other: N/A.


Name(s): Bluegrass was a rescue horse, sent to Jorvik to recuperate. Her former names are thus unknown.
Age: 14 years old
Gender: Mare

Short description: Blue has never been a looker, but she’s a good enough workhorse. She’s a small quarter horse, stocky, with a nice roan coloring.
Breed: AQH
Eye color: Dark brown
Coat color: Blue roan
Build: She’s 15 hands. Built like a working AQH, muscular and strong.
Long description: Blue’s not going to be winning any beauty awards, but she does her duties and does them well. Her mane was roached previously, and is in the middle of growing out, leaving awkward patches of black hair along her neck. Her tail is on the short side, but plenty shiny thanks to Rivers’s good care. Her coat is always shiny, as is her dark brown saddle and bridle. She’s usually wearing a plain red saddle pad when rode.
Short, perhaps, but Blue is a typical quarter horse. She was bred for ranching, and has muscular hindquarters and thick legs. She was rescued from being starved, albeit good care has let Blue fill out and she looks very healthy. Her only sign of distress would be a small scar on her chest, its origins unknown but it isn’t large enough to cause concern.
Outstanding features: Her color could be considered outstanding, but otherwise she’s just a standard quarter horse.

Short description: Being a rescue, Blue must be handled delicately, as she is flighty and shy. She does work hard and has few vices, and works best with Rivers.
Long description: Blue’s origins as a rescue are assumed to have caused her couple of issues. She’s hesitant to be handled by the farrier and becomes very upset if not fed exactly on time. These are her only major vices, though, and no one could call her anything but a sweet mare.
Like Rivers, she’s hard-working and quiet. She isn’t push-button, exactly, but she won’t run willy-nilly around the ring. Blue puts trust in her rider, and typically won’t bolt unless incredibly scared.
History: Nothing is known about her life with the person who starved her. After she was rescued, a program set up between Jorvik and the US allowed rescue horses to be sent to Jorvik to be re-trained and rehabilitated. Blue was part of the program, and was sent as a ten year old. Rivers was charged with her care, being as Blue was the tamest and Rivers was young. Two years later, Rivers purchased her.

Other: N/A

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PostSubject: Re: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   Sat Oct 24, 2015 1:20 pm

This RP is approved by the mod squad!

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PostSubject: Re: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   Sat Feb 06, 2016 1:58 pm

ooc: Sorry for the delay, we had someone else interested and were trying to wait for them. Gonna go ahead, but probably gonna take it slow for a bit so some more people can join.

Spring was ending. The last of the blossoms on the apples trees were falling, and the banks of the Thorn Cliffs were coated in pink. The schools were restless for vacation, and already the earlier signs of summer riding camps were starting to be set up. Jorvik was preparing for summer.

And yet, there was an odd quiet that wasn't heard, yet everyone felt. Very few acknowledge its presence, but it was still there. Not enough to close camps or send people into hiding. Just enough to make everyone feel on edge, only for a second, before they were swept away by some other emotion until it crept back in.

It was most unusual when the druids didn't acknowledge this. Even if the druids weren't a part of daily life for most of the island of Jorvik, the ancient organization was known for studying (and some believed practicing) magic. Perhaps it was some larger hope that they would have the answer to whatever was going on, and yet when the people who should have known said nothing, that feeling just grew a little stronger.

It was quiet in Golden. Amelie leaned back around the dock support a little more, taking a sip from her mug. It wasn't like hot chocolate was a good way to start the morning, but it also wasn't a bad way. She could hear the stables, in case she was needed, but it was far enough away that most people wouldn't find her.


Most people. Amelie looked over her shoulder and saw her husband behind her. She pat the dock beside her, and he sat down with his own cup of coffee. "You're up pretty early. How'd you sleep?"

"Good, besides you bouncing around all night," Loras answered, resting his head on top of Amelie's. She scowled, bouncing her head to try and get him to move, but he just pressed his chin down a little harder.

"I don't move in my sleep."

"Ok," Loras answered, taking a long drink from his cup before returning his head to its resting place. Amelie's furrow deepened. He wrapped his free arm around her, forcing her to sink into the position. He liked teasing her for being short, mostly cause it made her flush. Amelie disliked the reminder, but not enough to make him stop.

Loras set him mug down and swung his legs around Amelie so he was wrapped around her. He slid his arms underneath hers as she continued her drink. "You busy today?"

Amelie finished the cup, but held on to it. "Yeah, they're bringing in a couple ponies I recommended and I wanted to make sure they were comfortable."

"That's not busy."

"Would you let me do my job?"

"Yes, of course," Loras answered, before kissing Amelie on the cheek. Amelie's blush got redder. She titled her head up, and kissed him on the chin in return, before settling back into his arms, letting the few moments of peace continue for the short while that they'd last.

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PostSubject: Re: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   Sun Feb 07, 2016 3:19 pm

OOC: Glad we're finally starting! I'm gonna jump right in, I guess. This turned out a tad shorter than I thought, oops.

A slight breeze made the wheat wave back and forth. It was planted only recently, but the pleasant Jorvikian weather made for quick growth. Stormy wasn't exactly a farmer, but he felt confident that this would be a good harvest year.

He took one more glance at the fields before walking back to the stables. The early morning light shone on the list of duties like a beacon. The stable manager posted a daily schedule for trainers and stablehands; some days Stormy had a long work day, others he had practically nothing do to. Today was the latter, with his only task being to put some horses in the pastures in the evening.

This meant it was a perfect day to go out for a hack. It would be a hot day, but that was just fine for Stormy. Cape West, his Jorvikian hometown, would be cooled by the sea breeze, and he would enjoy stopping by the cafe before returning to Silverglade.

The stable was cool inside, sunlight spotting the barn aisles from cracks in the roof. Stormy turned right and went to the end of that aisle, his horse's stall on the left. Yves nickered quietly as his owner opened the stall door and latched on his green halter.

"I hope you slept well, because we'll be having a long day today," Stormy murmured to his horse. Yves, of course, didn't understand a word, but patiently stood as he was groomed, saddled, and the bridle slipped onto his head. The tack was simple black leather, carefully cared for by Stormy. The saddle blanket was teal blue, matching Stormy's shirt and Yves's sport boots. Only once everything was in place did Yves become jittery, excited to get going.

The morning light showed off Yves's bay coloring as the two warmed up in the outdoor ring. The two did a few circles at various gaits before trying a few crossrails, then left the ring as Yves was sufficiently warmed up. Both were excited to get going as they stepped onto the dirt road leading from the stable to Golden Hills. It would meander by the river, providing a cool respite from the almost-summer heat for Yves. And a pleasant picnic spot, Stormy thought. He could eat his lunch (which was safely stored in his saddle bag) while Yves could graze.

Today seemed like a perfect day for the pair as they went along their way down the road.
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PostSubject: Re: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   Mon Feb 15, 2016 9:29 pm

For some reason Alexah was allowed to sleep in, which almost never happened, at least not yet in her life time while living at Perennial Jorvik Ranch, the family ranch in which had been owned by her family for generations.
"Honey, get up," her father said in his softest voice as he gently shook her shoulder. "I've got breakfast ready downstairs."
"Dad, just one more minute," Cassia murmured. "The roadrunner forgot his purple turtle at home." David Raelynn opened his mouth to say something, but he was so dumb founded he couldn't find any words. He knew his daughter sometimes had weird dreams, but this...
"Cassia-Alexah, you need to get up now," he shook her should some more, finally getting a groan from her, signalling victory. Slowly, the sleepy girl rolled onto her back with a sigh.
"What's for breakfast?" she asked with her sheepish grin she got from her mother.
"Your usual,"
"Egg scramble with spinach, steak, sweetened onions, and cheese on the side?" David shook his head in amazement.
"Isn't that what you usually have?" he asked her, flabbergasted. Cassia's smile widened before turning serious.
"What's on the schedule today dad?"
"We have a buyer interested in Poppy Seed," Cassia frowned, thinking of the old mare in which was being sold due to old age. "They're a family with young kids, and they want a gentle horse." David continued, but Cassia could tell he was upset about letting the old mare go as well.
"Shall we get to it then?" she inquired to keep their emotions from turning all soggy and making the day sour. With a smile David helped his daughter sit up and fetch her prosthetic.
"Oh Daisy, I hope you say your good byes to Pop." Cassia sighed when her dad was out of sight.
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PostSubject: Re: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   Thu Feb 02, 2017 7:44 pm

OOC: Important! I don't know if Stormy is still interested in co-owning this RP. He's stopped playing SSO because he isn't interested in the game anymore, but I am still happy to run this RP. That said, anyone in the future looking to join this RP, please just send profiles to me and not Oktoberotta until he makes his own comment.

Amelie jumped as her hip began to buzz. Well, not so much her hip as her cell sitting in her jean pocket. Loras loosened his grip so she could fish it out and answer the call.

"What's up?" he asked after she hung up.

"Change of plans. Carin said she'll handle the ponies," Amelie answered. "She wanted me to go to Silverglade. We've got an incoming trainer who wanted to talk about renting one of the horses here."

Amelie pulled out of Loras's arms, feeling his warmth slip away. He asked, "What's that got to do with you?"

"Just want to talk to her about what she's looking for with a horse," she answered, throwing her purse over her shoulder. "Matching size and all, good temperate fits. Interviews and all that. Don't worry, I'll be back before the end of the day, and if I'm not, I'll call." She leaned up and pecked him on the cheek. "Good luck at work."

"You too."

With that, Amelie jogged off over the long bridge to Golden Stables. She lead her dappled stallion off to the stables's trailer, loaded him up, and made her way towards the central village of the southwestern corner of Jorvik.

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PostSubject: Re: The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)   

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The Time Circle - SSO RP (PG)
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